Waveplates On Demand


Our inventory is built to meet the needs of our customers. We maintain a large coated inventory of standard diameters, wavelengths, and retardations.

In addition to our coated inventory, we also have a significant inventory of uncoated waveplates in standard diameters to quickly and efficiently service your custom retardation requirements.

Std. Diameters (in mm): 10.00, 12.70, 15.00, 20.00, 25.40, 30.00, 38.10, 50.80 *Special shapes & larger diameters up to 101.6mm available on request

Std. Wavelengths (in nm): 193 – 2100

Std. Retardations: λ/2, λ/4
*Customer specified retardation available upon request

Windows on Demand


Materials: C-7980, BK-7, Zerodur™

Std. Diameters (in mm): 12.70 – 101.60
*smaller and larger substrates avaiable on request

Std. Thickness (in mm): from 0.100mm – 12.70mm

  • Special thicknesses & tolerances available on request
  • Diameter Tolerance: +0.00 / -0.25mm
  • Thickness Tolerance: +/-0.025mm
  • Wedge: ≤10” & ≤ 5’
  • Interferometer Flats & Large Wedges: Specified Wedge +/-3’